Suggestion to Improve Problem Submission Panel

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Suggestion to Improve Problem Submission Panel

by froghramar » Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:17 am

Your problem submission panel is quite okay. But I am expecting some more ease for the problem setters.

1.Image in Description : Sometimes an image can clear the whole story of the problem.

2. Links in Description : It is obvious that you are using some terms in your problem which are not familiar to the solvers. If you don't define those terms, description may be unclear to some users. Again, If you define those terms, some users who are already familiar with those terms will be bored with the large description. In this case using links to learn those terms might be a solution.

3. Especial Views : I haven't found any option to use a good looking view of power (for example, 10^9). May be there are some other cases.

4. Multiple Input File : Yes, you support multiple input file. But I don't think 3 file is sufficient. Now let me explain. Sometimes it is a boring thing for programmers to handle test cases. Let say, your program uses an array to count some occurrences, uses a list to store some value while calculation and find some maximum result. If you have single test case then declaring all the variables and containers as global can save your time from initialisation. So, I believe problem setters should not give this kind of painful tasks to the solvers, when you have other options to judge them. For example, codeforces always have single test case in their problems. So, I believe 10 input file can help this issue.

5. Better Environment to Add Test Cases: I'm not happy with dealing with files. Whehther you add input, add output or view your past input, past output you need to upload or download here. Can you add some options like copy and paste your input and output, view input and output for previous tests without downloading?
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Re: Suggestion to Improve Problem Submission Panel

by devskill » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:37 pm


1) We already support image in problem description. In fact this problem was using it:

2) We already support link in problem description. In fact this problem was using it:

Please check the toolbar in the problem description panel.

3) Please check this problem, if problem setter can set it here then you can also do so:

4) Increasing I/O file limit and size is already in consideration. Initially we had no restriction, but later we though that can be a security hole and wanted to apply a restriction. Now based on feedback we are going to consider this. But currently our approach is not based on individual test case. We are going to have such approach in separate module of Dev Skill. Based on policy and need, some difference is possible among platforms and that is natural.

5) This is related to the above point that we consider our test cases to be large. We are not considering single or few test case. Large files are not useful by copy paste and checking manually. If we allow text area to enter I/O, it will complicate the I/O section more, because for multiple test case we have to allow multiple text area and it should hold all the previous values, because seeing an empty text area (in edit step) will not help you with the purpose you are asking for. So when large file will be in I/O it will overload the page by loading all the I/O file at a time and slow down the page very much. If we want to avoid this, the solution is to take user to another page where they will give the I/O and then bring the user to the test case page but that again adds an additional step which will reduce the user experience.
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