Coding Contest 12 - Editorial

All contest related discussion goes here. Both Dev Skill and Non Dev Skill contest related discussion is allowed. (But please keep the forum clean)

Coding Contest 12 - Editorial

by devskill » Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:27 am

IMPORTANT! Read before you post in this thread if you do not want to get banned.

Q: What is "Editorial Thread"?
A: Until we have some custom forum or system, we will use this forum for posting editorial for contest problems. After each contest we will create a sticky thread in the "Contest Discussion" forum for that particular contest. Please read the following rules very carefully to keep things under control.

  • Dev Skill will create the editorial thread, none else should create this.
  • Anyone including problem setters can post reply to this thread to post editorials. But only those who has solved the problem and has a unique solution should post. Thus the option to posting editorial is NOT limited to only problem setters, rather open to everyone.
  • Anything other than editorial should NOT be posted here. No question, No thanks, nothing else. We must keep the thread clean. If anyone oppose the solution posted, then he/she may post a reply to defend his/her view, but it may not go deeper in this thread. Rather you can create a new thread and link that thread in your opposing reply so that the discussion can continue there.
  • Anyone violating the rules, their posts will be deleted and they will be warned. If they continue to do this, a temporary ban will be applied. If that continues, we will take harder action against you. But we hope that do not happen.
  • Posting editorial is a volunteer work and it is not an official editorial of Dev Skill. People may or may not post their solution, you should not scream or shout or apply force to post editorial.
  • Very Important! As we allow score for solving offline problem, we do not want that you give away the solution. Posting code, pseudo code, or complete give away solution is strictly prohibited. You should give hint only - like what algorithm can be used, what techniques can be applied etc. If you are not sure, read previous editorials to get an idea.
  • These rules may get updated frequently, so make sure you check the rules for every editorial threads. Most of the time we will copy it, but sometimes changes can be there.
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