Release 1.9

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Release 1.9

by devskill » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:47 pm

Here is the full list of the patch:

Release note for V1.9
Published on Tuesday, March 13th, 2017

Features & Changes:
• Contestant can recover username
• Added Coding Task for qualification tests
• Added sponsor logo in contest rank list
• Warning user to select more number of questions than really exists in database for company panel.
• Showing available contest list for sponsorship in company panel
• Company is able to apply for sponsorship
• Showing sponsored contest list for sponsorship in company panel
• Showing rank list of sponsored contest in company panel
• Integrated google short url in test and job post setup page
• Added searching/sorting option for archived problem
• Created a new test success/fail page design with result statistics
• Created new design for company test tool
• Improved job list page with advance search option
• Enhanced applicant list in the company panel
• Improved layout in company sponsor list view
• Updated job apply page look and feel
• Revamped job application form
• Improved problem adding feature

• Fixed missing score for qualification test
• Fixed the account deletion issue while user has wrong submission
• Fixed country name mistake for Taiwan
• Fixed Github connection is failing issue
• Fixed menu in job apply page or in any other page where it was inactive
• Fixed the issue of application conflict
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