Very strict time limit

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Very strict time limit

by froghramar » Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:32 am

I was solving the problem [DCP-06 : Thief of deVillage!!! ]. Yes, it's a easy problem which can be solved with dynamic programming. First I wrote a recursive dp solution with proper memoization. It failed for time limit. I wrote the same solution using loop instead of recursion and it passed successfully. Now the fact is, it's a very bad practice for problem setters to run his own solution and use the same constraints and time limit for the problem. You must give some sort of ease to the solvers. If you go through any problem of the well known online judges (except SPOJ), you will always find that time limit is given at least 3 times greater than the author's solution. What it does, it makes the solvers think different and ignore hidden complexity like function calling and division-multiplication operation. Another fact is, the problem setter didn't mention the number of test cases. Then how the solvers will calculate the complexity? You can set a problem without mentioning the number of test cases only when there is less than 10 test cases. Looking at my first solution and it's verdict, I think dataset of this problem contains more than 10 test cases. I think devskill should have a look at this issues before problem verification.
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Re: Very strict time limit

by devskill » Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:35 pm

Thanks for your input.

Dev Skill always encourage problem setters to have flexibility in their problem, in fact we sometimes enforce it. As we see this is an old problem and the problem setter is not a regular problem setter in Dev Skill. We are interested to collect opinion from our members on our problems and we will re-evaluate them based on the feedback to solve any issue that exists. It is very difficult to always ensure that every problem is a good one, and nobody can do this. But we will collect the info and send the problem to our review team to have another look into this issue.
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